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Every wedding ceremony should be as unique and joyous as the happy couple and as memorable as such an important occasion demands.  I am here to help you achieve that dream.

I am recognised by the Registrar General of Scotland through Open Sanctuary and am able to do full legal marriages throughout Scotland on a ceremony by ceremony basis.


Your guests may remember many things about the day; the reception, the speeches and not least  the beautiful bride,  but the real reason they are there is to help you celebrate and share in your ceremony.  This is the moment you stand up and tell the world how much you love the most important person in your life!  Such an important moment should be heartfelt,  touching and reflect the love you feel for each other.  This calls for a ceremony that has been created with your full input,  is about you and is for you.  The vows you make on your wedding day will be unique to you as you will decide the wording as you commit to each other for life.  Readings, music, poems and family or friend contributions can also be added to make your ceremony every bit as unique as you are. 

Call me today  and we can create a ceremony that celebrates the happy couple.



It may be that you want a simple ceremony but that doesn't mean it should be any less special or meaningful.  I will spend time finding out about you, how you met, what you love about each other and your dreams for your future together and incorporate this in to your vows.



Hand fasting is an ancient Celtic tradition and nowadays is a popular addition to wedding ceremonies.  It orginally represented a betrothal or engagement ceremony but nowadays the wrapping of the chord or ribbon is seen as a sign of unity and oneness between the couple and can be added to your ceremony.



There are many other elements I can add to your ceremony to make your ceremony different from the rest including hand fasting,  jumping the broomstick, a ring ceremony using a quaich, a unity candle or even fancy dress!  You decide the elements you want.  After all, it's your day.

Thanks! Message sent.


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