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 Perhaps you are celebrating a milestone anniversary, perhaps you've overcome adverstity or perhaps you simply want to show everyone that you still love each other.  Perhaps you now have children and would like to include them in your ceremony.  A vow renewal ceremony is the prefect way to reaffirm the love you have for each other.


The ceremony can be incredibly  flexible in content, location and formality.  Like your original wedding day, it's all about you and letting your personalities and individuality shine through the ceremony.

I'll work with you to make sure the ceremony is personal to you and equally as memorable as the day you first said

'I do'.



Memorial services may be held in any location. Many people choose locations with personal significance, such as a favorite beach, park, or family home, or locations that can accommodate a large group, such as a favorite restaurant, a local hall, or other event space.

There is no formal structure to a memorial service. As with a traditional funeral, people may participate in the memorial service in many different ways, including delivering readings or prayers, singing songs or playing musical instruments, or sharing a memory of the person who died.

Together we can come up with the perfect ceremony to remember your loved one.

Mother and Daughter


What better way to celebrate and welcome your adopted child in to your family than with with a personalised adoption ceremony?

Whether it's a baby or an older child you've adopted there are many ways you can celebrate their becoming part of your family and you can make it as traditional or as unique as you wish.  You may wish to choose guardians or life mentors for your children, have readings or poems or sing songs.  You can even add religious or spititual aspects if you would like, the choice is yours.

You will have had to jump through hoops to adopt your child - isn't that reason enough to celebrate?  Together we can create the perfect ceremony.

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